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You must not end your treatment with this product sinemet without first consulting it with your health care specialist, as this could worsen your medical condition.

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As with levodopa.treatment with SINEMET may increase the possibility of upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage in patients with a history of peptic ulcer.

Hallucinations and psychotic-like behavior have been reported with dopaminergic medications. In general.hallucinations present shortly after the initiation of therapy and may be responsive to dose reduction in levodopa. Hallucinations may be accompanied by confusion and to a lesser extent sleep disorder (insomnia) and excessive dreaming.

Your doctor will likely start sinemet movement disorder on a low dose of Sinemet and gradually increase it.

There have been rare reports of adverse reactions.including hypertension and dyskinesia.resulting from the concomitant use of tricyclic antidepressants and SINEMET.

Carbidopa works by preventing the breakdown of levodopa sinemet movement disorder decarboxylase enzymes. Because it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier.carbidopa ensures the safe delivery of levodopa to the brain.where it becomes exposed to the action of the decarboxylases that generate dopamine.

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